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Dream Tricule Danube porch

Weekend getaway to the Danube – Dream Tricule

About two years ago, I decided to take advantage of every summer to visit Romania. Vacation days, I have always had few, so I make the most of every summer weekend to visit a new place. I haven’t been to the Danube for several years, and back then I didn’t […]

Transylvania Heaven Log Cabin Pesteana

Mountain weekend getaway – Țara Hațegului

Not too far from the urban life, near the Retezat National Park, in the Country of Hațeg, I found the most beautiful wooden cabin in which I have stayed until now. Here, in our beautiful Romania. In a village I have never heard of before, on a narrow street and […]

Mountain weekend getaway – Măgura Moeciu

I find it hard to believe and accept that, in this beautiful country of ours, we are not able to promote tourism enough, or to encourage it through infrastructure. I hardly reached the village of Măgura from Brașov county, the road is in a very bad condition and I was […]