Travel Budget

Detailed travel budget on specific destinations.

Kalalau Valley Viewpoint Kauai Hawaii

How much does a Hawaii holiday cost?

Although our first vacation to Hawaii was in November 2016, now planning the second trip to our favorite destination, I compare the prices with those noted thoroughly and in detail in our travel budget from our last trip. I noticed a few minor changes, such as Booking having higher prices […]

Varadero beach Cuba

How much did I spend in Cuba – Travel Budget

It’s been a year since our Caribbean adventure, where we visited Cuba, Belize, Honduras and Mexico. Luckily, I organized it and I wrote down all the costs in a spreadsheet, otherwise who knows if I remembered anything for this article? 😀 Your interest in costs is high, so here I […]

Tegallalang Rice Terrace Bali Travel Budget

Bali – Travel Budget

For me, whenever I plan a vacation, the most important topic is the budget. Where would I fit in and when could I afford to travel to a particular location? So I make a travel budget before, during and after the trip, this way I know what to expect, but […]

Miradouro da Vista do Rei Sao Miguel Azores Travel Budget

Travel budget Azores – São Miguel

Since I’ve posted the first Insta Story from the Azores, I got a million questions on the location, most of them about travel budget. When I see photos of a location I like, costs are my highest curiosity as well. So I’ll try to be as transparent and precise as […]