Month: February 2020

Kalalau Valley Viewpoint Kauai Hawaii

How much does a Hawaii holiday cost?

Although our first vacation to Hawaii was in November 2016, now planning the second trip to our favorite destination, I compare the prices with those noted thoroughly and in detail in our travel budget from our last trip. I noticed a few minor changes, such as Booking having higher prices […]

Varadero beach Cuba

How much did I spend in Cuba – Travel Budget

It’s been a year since our Caribbean adventure, where we visited Cuba, Belize, Honduras and Mexico. Luckily, I organized it and I wrote down all the costs in a spreadsheet, otherwise who knows if I remembered anything for this article? 😀 Your interest in costs is high, so here I […]

Transylvania Heaven Log Cabin Pesteana

Mountain weekend getaway – Țara Hațegului

Not too far from the urban life, near the Retezat National Park, in the Country of Hațeg, I found the most beautiful wooden cabin in which I have stayed until now. Here, in our beautiful Romania. In a village I have never heard of before, on a narrow street and […]