Varadero beach Cuba

How much did I spend in Cuba – Travel Budget

It’s been a year since our Caribbean adventure, where we visited Cuba, Belize, Honduras and Mexico. Luckily, I organized it and I wrote down all the costs in a spreadsheet, otherwise who knows if I remembered anything for this article? 😀 Your interest in costs is high, so here I am, stalking all the available excels and payment histories!

Varadero Public Beach Cuba
Varadero Public Beach, Cuba

2 week vacation expenses in Cuba:

  • Visa – 47E by post, or 22E at the embassy in Bucharest
  • Flight Milan – Havana – Milan – 329E / pers, direct flight, with cabin luggage included
  • Timisoara – Milan flight – Timisoara – 70E / pers, direct flight, with cabin luggage included
  • Bergamo Shuttle – Milan – Bergamo – 9E / pers
  • Milan Shuttle – Malpensa – Milan – 14E / pers
  • Airport taxi – Havana – 7E / pers
  • Taxi Havana – Viñales – 28E / pers
  • Bus Viñales – Cienfuegos – 28E / pers
  • Cienfuegos Bus – Varadero – 14E / pers
  • Varadero Bus – Havana – 8E / pers
  • Accommodation Milan – 30E / pers x 2 nights (to and back)
  • Private house Havana – 28E double room / night
  • Private house Viñales – 18 / 22E double room / night x 3 nights (price depends on room size)
  • Private house Cienfuegos – 22E double room / night x 2 nights
  • Cienfuegos private house – after the storm – 27E / 31E double room / night x 2 nights (we were stuck in Cienfuegos for another two nights due to a tropical storm)
  • Private house Varadero – 27E double room / night x 3 nights
  • Private house Havana – 31E double room / night x 3 nights
  • Food
    • Breakfast: 5CUC (4.5E)
    • Lunch: 8-10-12CUC (7-9-11E)
    • Dinner: 8-10-12CUC (7-9-11E)
  • Taxis – I do not remember all the amounts, so I will give a pretty generous amount here, approximate: 50E / pers
  • Shopping: cigars – from 2E / piece, rum – from 3E / L
  • Cuban cocktails (Cuba Libre, Cubanito, Mojito, Daiquiri etc.): about 3-4E / pcs.
Viñales Cuba
Viñales, Cuba

I did not have any other expenses, because there’s not much you can spend on in Cuba. Shops are very poorly stocked, plenty of water bottles, and a few types of biscuits / chips / ice cream.

The total cost, including visa fees, flights from home (Romania), luggage, accommodation in Milan (one night before the flight to Cuba, one night coming back, because we did not want to be on the run), is the fabulous amount of 1300E / person, for the 2 weeks spent in Cuba + 2 nights in Milan. We did the math using the highest prices from the spreadsheet for the rooms and also for the food, but the total can be even less, if you choose smaller rooms or eat less expensive food.

It is divided into categories as follows:

  1. Transportation: 557E / pers (flights, shuttles, taxis, buses, luggage)
  2. Accommodations: 247E / pers (2 nights in Milan + 14 nights in Cuba)
  3. Food / Drink: approx. 450E / pers (food + water + alcohol)
  4. Visa: 47E / pers

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Varadero Public Beach Cuba
Varadero Public Beach, Cuba
Old Havana, Cuba
Old Havana Cuba
Varadero Public Beach Sunset Cuba
Varadero Public Beach at sunset, Cuba
Varadero Public Beach Cuba
Varadero Public Beach, Cuba

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